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Legotronics are Lego blocks with electronic components inside. The difference between Legotronics and other Lego based electronics, like Mindstorms is that they aren’t meant to build one particular thing like a robot, but are more of a general addition to regular Lego. They offer the same openness in creativity, but add the function of electricity to your creations.

The Legotronics blocks where 3D printed at Fablab Brainport, really nice service and support!

Smart Neighbourhood
The Smart Neighbourhood concept is a curriculum meant for primary school students (group 7-8) of age 10-12 that utilizes the Legotronics in combination with regular Lego for building their own ‘smart’ neighbourhood. By building this smart neighbourhood they will be taught 21st century skills.

The curriculum consists of a booklet in which the children follow story driven assignments told by the character Proty. During these assignments they follow through a design process and have to educate themselves by brainstorming, looking things up in the Legotronics library and by finding the right tutorials in the booklet. This will help them create their ideas.

This was a project for my study, Industrial Design at the TU/e.